Leadership Competencies for Sustained Project Success

The International Journal of Applied Management Theory and Research accepted an article co-authored by Simon and Marisa.


Success of organizational projects depends on leaders who are capable of determining not only the critical factors that lead to project success, but also applying leadership practices to sustain successful project practices. This study explores research on project success across multiple domains with the intent to identify a set of leadership competencies that lead to successful project initiatives. The results of the study identify a host of leadership skills that align to four leadership styles: equitable, servant, collaborative, and transformative. A leadership framework is proposed to associate the competencies to the styles.


Collaborative leadership, critical success competencies, equitable leadership, leadership theory, project success, servant leadership, transformative leadership


To view more academic publications from Simon Cleveland, Ph.D., please visit Google Scholar.

To view Marisa Cleveland’s academic publications, please visit Google Scholar.



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