Culturally Agile Leadership: A Relational Leadership Development Approach

The International Journal of Public and Private Perspectives on Healthcare, Culture, and the Environment accepted an article co-authored by Marisa and Simon.


Leadership development programs exist to contribute to an individual’s and an organization’s success; however, there is a lack of studies that examine how such programs contribute to the development of cultural agility in leaders. Culturally agile leaders are more inclusive in their hiring practices and more open to encouraging more diversity within their own leadership network. Such leaders value collaboration and understand how culturally grounded traditions and preferences effect transactions. This concept article addresses the roles of positionality and cultural agility, leadership development programs, and capacity and responsibility in building culturally agile leaders. It examines the ways a leader’s positionality and level of cultural agility informs and limits their ability to make an impact on their organization. The article also proposes how leaders have the capacity and the responsibility to develop other leaders through a relational leadership approach to promote inclusion and diversity.


Cultural agility, diversity, inclusion, leadership, relational leadership


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